Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's The Work

This week has truly been something else. It's easily been the longest week of my mission so far; and I think it's needless to say it's because I got to see my wonderful family last week. Haha seriously, few things are better in this world than seeing the bright, smiling faces of the people you love, and hearing their sweet, excited voices 6,000 miles away from home!
But, work is work, and we've been working pretty hard to get our hearts and minds back in the right place - simply focused - so that we can bring some miracles around in Bupyeong. This week we visited (more like attempted; no one was home) over 15 less-actives, talked to more than 170 people on the street, got just over 10 phone numbers (although we found some old records, boosting that number up to about 80-90) invited more than half of the people on the street to keep some kind of commitment, got 1 new investigator, attended 2 rounds of Stake Conference, and even performed at one of them. We've seen incredible love from the members as we've really busted our tails to get things going again in Bupyeong, and are really hoping we can find more people to teach. With 2 new/additional appointments this week, it's looking good! It's really been quite the test of diligence, and teamwork.
I'll admit, my patience, humility, and will have definitely been tried this week, but I've been given way too many things in life to be hindered for long! What an opportunity this is - to really learn how to love and serve others. If you are preparing to go on a mission, buckle your seatbelt. haha. This ride is something else. Study Preach My Gospel, read the Book of Mormon, practice teaching, and strengthen your testimony. Smile all the time and learn to recognize the many wonderful opportunities you've been given that have led you to this point in your life. You won't regret it! This past week, as well as last week, I've been really focused on how I can become better. I mean, I might as well grow as much as I can while I'm out here, right? Anyway - through my various studies (yikes, I sound like a professor..) and trainings, I took down a ton of notes and thoughts that I had, as well as plenty that others had shared, and made another poem. Surprised? Hahaha. If you don't enjoy my poems, I'm really sorry. ..But, hey, maybe one day it'll help you out in some way. You'l recognize a few stanzas in the beginning. Love you all!
To think that in life, you ever have stalled,
The time is now, was then and will be;
If you have any sense of why you were called, 
You ought to feel the inadequacy.

This is the way, walk ye in it;
Whatever your struggle, we are as one;
In the abyss of both dark mind and spirit,
Dawn will break brightly as we welcome His Son.

We are infinitely more than our limitations foretell;
As we harvest thy souls all shadows will flee;
In the hands of the potter, a broken vessel
Shall be mended of all its inadequacy.

So hope on, journey on, for we are as one;
He is still with us, His promise kept safe;
What a thrilling moment that will surely become,
For the future is only as bright as your faith.

Now the work isn't convenient, soft, or mundane;
We can't afford to be pretentious, presumptuous, nor proud;
You have been set apart, but what's the reason you came?
What are the things that embolden you now?

Go to the edge, where you feel you are more;
Then thrust in your sickle - sacrifice all your might;
For those treasures in Heaven you must lay up in store
While we keep to the faith, and we fight the good fight. 

So make the decision - now is the time - 
Verily thus saith the Lord unto you whom He loves,
He sees who you are, deep inside your mind's eye
and yet He knows, who you are is not who you can become.

Through every conscious though, ounce of energy, drop of passion and hope,
He sees our potential though we catch but a glimpse;
To those 82,000 he'll throw down His rope - 
So their bright, shining countenances can never be dimmed.

They carry no white flags, they hold nothing back;
Willing to pay the price of repeated rejection,
They are never content with the things which they lack,
For their unquenchable quest is consecrated perfection.

Wherefore, they labor while it is still called today,
Thought he fabric of their world often tears at the seams
The fog has been lifted as we understand we are they;
And we know, deep inside, we are who we choose to be.

You are more than 'one more' you are God's son or daughter,
So take these few moments, and give Him your all;
Only you can leave the altar signed with your honor-

For upon the rock of our Redeemer - there's no way you can fall.

Elder DeMille

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