Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, October 25, 2015


I had a little bit to say this week about random events, but.. A lot of that has been pushed out of my head in regards to a much bigger, and more impacting event that we just got word of this morning.

There is a Sister in our Mission who is.. a huge light to everyone, all the time. She picks others up, and never gives up, and has affected (I believe) countless people with her diligent service as a missionary for the Lord. ..Just 30 minutes ago we got a text from our leaders saying that her mother had unexpectedly passed away this morning, and that she would be returning home-- today-- to be with her family. 

I'm reminded, as I think of this, how much my mother does for me.. and how heart-wrenching it would be if my mother were to suddenly disappear from my life. ..Without a notice, without a warning, no permission, no signature.. no agreement. Just.. gone. 

..I don't think I'm anywhere near strong enough to do it. My mom has been there for me, through thick and thin, through every school report and project, each tryout and award. I couldn't go on without my mom, and I think it's part of the reason I was able to keep my mom around when we were really uncertain about what would happen with her a few years ago. I'm sure I have work to do-- and if she were gone, I don't think I could get it done.
However, this isn't about me. I believe the Lord only gives trials to those strong enough to overcome them. He'll never give you a trial you can't bear. It says it right there in verse 13  of 1 Corinthians. "There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it." ..Temptations are the result of trials. A mother's passing could lead you to be tempted to be in the dark.. to become depressed, to give up. ..And those, are certainly trials as well as temptations when they come into your life. 

So this one is for that Sister, who we know can make it through. 

Holding on in His love, remember how much your mother means to you and help others feel that love. Some may be without mothers, and others without children. But that doesn't mean it will stop us from loving one another. I know it surely won't stop her.

Hang in there.
..But more than that..

Show them how strong you became out here with your wonderful Spirit! We love you!!

All the love,

Elder DeMille

There is a beautiful message about mothers for you all here.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Flood.

So, among the crazy things that happened this week, I've gotta say that I definitely impressed myself. I ate live Octopus. Yes, live, wriggling, squirming, suction-cup attacking octopus. The raddest part? If you don't chew the tentacles enough and kill the octopus before you swallow.. ..there's a pretty high chance it'll kill you. 

..Hahaha what is my life??


So, besides meeting my SUPER awesome and fluent in both French and English aunt, SJ-- who took us out for some delicious steak and a wonderful time--, I was also able to meet up with my Uncle and Aunt, cousins and Grandparents for a solid dinner that consisted of duck meat and live Octopus. Haha. When all was said and done they even boiled the octopus heads for us to eat on the way home. Bulging eyes, brain, ink and all -- that was hands down the coolest, yet weirdest, and not the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten on my mission. I'd probably do it again. Win!
The coolest part of this week though, was that the very next Sunday morning, we got up and got ready just like normal. We had planned the night before to meet our Mission President and his wife at the church a little bit early (since they were planning on visiting our ward), to be able to practice with Sister Morrise for our "special musical number" we would be performing for our ward and for President.

So, queue arrival at the church at precisely 9am. We had a scheduled meeting from 9:15-9:30, then practice from 9:30-10:00am, and so we dropped off our bags and walked past the Sisters who were washing their hands in the sink.
...As they finished we passed them again, and they were on the phone, the water off, but the sound was still going.. rushing water.. coming from an unknown source. 
..We looked around and saw that in the mens bathroom.. Water was leaking in a steady stream straight from the lighting above..


We ran upstairs to find the entire hallway ankle deep with water, and shut off all the power. The bishop came soon after, and it took us a solid 30 minutes to find the cause of the leak. In the meantime we spent an hour exactly pushing water out of the hallway with squeegees, and doing everything we could to .. well, clear the church of the flood. President showed up later and helped us out a bit, and it was madness. But, all said and done, we were able to clear it out, have practice, sing our song, and start all of the meetings on time. 

If that's not a miracle I don't know what is!

Later we found the cause of the leak was one small tube, with a slight incision on the side of it. ...And thus we see, by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

Remember that in your life, sometimes there are small little things nagging at us, and if we ignore them for too long, they too will flood our lives and thoughts with endless trouble. Thus becoming harder and harder to resolve. Put a stop to the problem, and then clean up the mess. 

Work hard, and have a wonderful week! See you all soon!

All the love,

Elder DeMille

Sunday, October 11, 2015

So ... I Don't Have Time Today

This week has been more insane than you'd ever even imagine!

That being said, my email time is cut pretty short since I've got to catch an hour long bus ride that only comes once an hour.. 
..if we miss it..



I had originally planned to share with you some cool insights I had from conference, but seeing as I have about three minutes until I have to leave, I figured I'm going to copy/paste the list I just sent to Abby. These are the things that I heard during conference, that were most important, or noteworthy -- to me. I'll hopefully explain more next week! Love you all! Thank you for valiantly living, every day! Even if you're not making the best choices, you're still making good ones, I'm sure of it!!

What I heard:

I did not touch Him, nor sit on His knee, yet Jesus is real- to me.
The center of our Gospel is love. --Simplify.
A willing heart + desire + trust = success.
We make a mistake in only seeing the imperfect human nature in others. Focus on the graces they possess.
I'll be what you want me to be.
Build-- as He built. Everyday.
Humility inspires questions. Faith inspires action.
Ask, "What lack I yet?" And seek to improve one characteristic weekly. (Loved this! Got my answer: Make better eye contact to express your sincerity and love. Who'da thunk?)
WAIT. The answer will come; customized, just for you. (It did! But it took until morning, haha.)
Direction and purpose are ever more important than speed.
Self confidence and depth of purpose are found in self-control.
Earn more, save more.
None of us marry perfection. We marry potential.
Reach upward, not across.
Come to yourself.
Would this choice make my Mother proud?
If you are looking for growth; You must do things you have never before done.
SMILE. Always.
Go the extra mile.
Cultivate positive diligence.
Ask for help when you need help.
Pray Until Something Happens. (PUSH.)
Never give up.
Fast and pray, so the Lord will answer.
Coming out of trials takes a 'willingness'-- people need a desire to change.
Desire, Desire, DESIRE.
Shen we have childlike humility and willingness to focus on the Savior, we progress.
There must be a willingness to take a step.
We cannot only avoid; we must counter the natural man's tendencies to procrastinate, put off, and give up.
We must be anxiously engaged.
Don't wait. Take it NOW.
When you do your part, the Lord adds to you.
Do you see moments as they really are?
WAIT. Wait for them to ask-- don't find fault, but tell them what you know when they are willing to listen.
Our knowledge will be the source of our courage.
Lord, ..I would follow thee.
Keep the commandments.
I must be RELENTLESS in my efforts to achieve my goals.
There is NO room for disobedience.
Decide now to act.
Will you be different?
Love one another.
How do you see others? Are you looking at them through God's eyes?
You must ask-- and plead for that love, every day.
Who will help you NEVER GIVE UP?
Do you realize the breadth and scope of those things you hear and feel in your heart?
Desire to inspire; not just to impress.
Do you let yourself occasionally wander the halls of the great and spacious building?
It is time to overcome the world.
How can you start on a constant quest to have the Spirit?
Act on your promptings. Whatever it is, do it.
God's ultimate desire is progress.
We must go beyond feelings, concepts, and words-- we have to build, and act, and serve.
Reprove betimes with sharpness, so that others may have the courage to change.
Save money each week. Discipline yourself.
Ponderize one verse of scripture each week. (My verse is 1 Nephi 13:16. What's yours? ;) )
Exercise faith, Discipline yourself, and DO IT. (My favorite!)
Understand your standards.
It is not enough to go through the motions. Becoming takes ACTION.
We don't usually plan on ending up as dirty as we get.
Have the determination to try ONE. MORE. TIME.
Remember in whom you have trusted.
Simple obedience brings the Spirit into our homes.
"Why me?' --isn't your purpose in life to experience all these trials?
All of these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. Therefore, hold on.
When you cannot do what you have always done -- then you can only do what matters most. (My second favorite.. thoughts of my knee.)
Forgive all men.
Focus on the most important work.
Come what may, and love it.
Family = Eternal Happiness.
Your purpose = Eternal Happiness.
The Challenges are the blessings.
Love one another.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

All the love,
Elder DeMille!

(T-Minus 2 months! No one better be getting trunky! You'll want me out of the house again, soon enough! :P )

Chuseok Holiday & Family Reunion

Chuseok Family Miracles

Hi there, my name is Lisa and I am Elder DeMille's mother. We interrupt normal blog postings so I can share a few moments from Chuseok this year. Over the last 22 months, while our son served with his whole heart in the Korea Seoul South Mission, our family has received countless and immeasurable blessings. It is impossible to describe the feelings we all have right now. We are overcome with gratitude and stand in awe at all that has happened. These pictures and the following videos only capture a small fraction of our joy ... but will help us to hold on to new memories and a bright future.

My mother with all of her siblings. The last time they were all together in one place was in 1970.
All family members who were able to attend Chuseok celebrations on Sunday
 Second generation ... me and several of my cousins with their spouses
 Third generation ... the grand babies 
Brotherly Love 
Sisters over time: 1970, 1980 and 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bear Your Cross With Confidence

Hey there!

This week was pretty incredible-- I'm still just so thankful to have been able to meet my family, to see my mom and my Grandma Kim-- and to know that everyone back home is really OK. ..Now, I've just gotta push through the next few weeks, and put together my lectures to give to my siblings when I get home. ..Hahah, only joking :P


Outside of all that, we were also able to go to the temple this week, which was wonderful as well. The Korea Seoul Temple has been a place of solace for me when times get rough or frustrating out here. Which isn't too often, but it's still been such a blessing to have been able to go once a transfer. I can't imagine missions where you can't go. ..And even more wild to think that I'll only have two more opportunities to go from here on out. One more next transfer, and one last visit the day before I come home. ...Ay yi yi.
Anyways, yesterday we had a really cool lesson from our Bishop in our Priesthood meeting at church. Priesthood meeting - if you don't know- is a meeting where all of the male members of our church gather into one room in order to better learn our responsibilities and role as men in the church. Our Bishop started by showing us beautiful pictures of temples.

With each one, he said, "I really want to go here-- don't you?"

He then told a story, and showed us a video of a man carrying a cross. It was in Spanish (go figure..) but it was pretty interesting. This animated man and several others were all carrying crosses-- going to some distant destination. Among the travelers, one man stopped, and complained that the weight of his cross was too much to bear. So, he took a saw, and sawed off a small part of the bottom of his cross to lighten his load. He now happily carried his much lighter cross and continued on the road with his friends. As the man continued, the weight seemed to return as his body grew more and more tired. He resorted to his original seemingly "genius" plan, and cut more off of the bottom, as well as the sides and top -- to make sure it would be light, and convenient to carry. The man soon grew weary again, and repeated the process a few more times as he traveled before becoming satisfied with the new weight of his cross.
Eventually, the man came to huge chasm. Puzzled, he looked to see how his fellow travelers would react, and how they would reach the other side, in order to continue on their journey. One by one, they laid down their burdens-- these large crosses, and walked across them carefully, and safely to the other side. 

..The man fell to his knees, looking at the small cross he know held in his hands, knowing that he could never make it across. He had been so concerned with making his life easier, that he threw away every opportunity to understand why his burden was so important. He never learned from his trials, and, in turn -- would never get to where he wanted to go.
Our Bishop then asked us afterwards what we would do for a million dollars. 

Would you marry someone you didn't really love?
Would you spend a year of your life in jail?
Would you erase your memory?
Would you forget all of your friends, in exchange for one million dollars?

Apparently there was a survey, and, though I don't remember the exact numbers-- they were kinda freaky. The lengths we, as human beings will go to to just make life easier, is crazy.

He then asked us, What is your cross?

There were answers such as Health, Kids, Stress, Comfort, Self Confidence, Pride.. etc... as I thought about it, I thought about how my body is somewhat of a cross. My knees are giving out a little more each day, and when I get hungry, thirsty, tired, ornery, frustrated, agitated, impatient.. it's usually all due to my body and my flesh. It's weak. It's quite the cross to carry. 

..But he went on to explain that these trials, these crosses are here to help us grow. We must sacrifice these few uncomfortable experiences in order to win an eternity. Without a body, we would never become like our father in heaven.
Like Neil A. Anderson once said,
"Real, personal sacrifice was never placing the animal on the altar. Instead, it is a willingness to put the animal in us upon the altar and let it be consumed."

..You can do this.
Carry that burden, whatever it is, and let it help you grow.
You'll need that experience one day.

Have a great week!!
All the love,

Elder DeMille