Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Unofficial Update

Somehow Elder DeMille spent all his computer time responding to emails this week and though he clearly planned on sending a letter for me to post here, he didn't actually ever get to it. We have so many regular readers now that I didn't want to keep you all hanging. Here are excerpts from messages he sent to me tonight. This can at least give you a vague picture of how he is doing in his new area with his new companion. Luckily, we did get a few new pictures this week!
That's so cool Mom. Seriously so so cool. Thank you for sharing those experiences with me. ..I've coincidentally been talking a lot about Grandpa Don this week as well - introducing my story to new members and things. Super cool Mom. I wish I could've met him so bad - but we'll see him again in no time! :) I love that you're recognizing these things -- You're the best. You're seriously doing so much and are such a great part of everyone's life. Thank you Momma :)

Haha and here are your simple answers. 
* Yes, I lost another 2kg last week.
* I’m totally healthy. Like an ox. ..Except I have to stretch my back alot. No big deal.
* I’m totally comfortable in my new living arrangements, and everyone in my house is soooo cool.
* My companion is a homie, we have one Korean elder and we are way tight. * My Korean is actually.. ...really good. :) The whole ward thought I had to be Korean because my introduction was so good... haha. :) It’s finally getting there - although there is still TONS I don't know. I’m literally experiencing the gift of tongues in the flesh. I swear I shouldn't be able to understand any of this!
* I got everyone to clean the house today, and things are really, really good. :)
My new companion's name is Elder Johnson. He's a stud - 20 years old and a super avid rock-climber. He's really really chill, and so positive and fun. It's like.. a less patient me. ..Believe it or not my patience has come a verrrry long way, hahaha. Still workin' on it though - along with my humility.. hehehh.. ;P Thank you for the virtual birthday cake! It's literally nonexistent out here - and yes, I'm waiting to open my birthday package, of course. Haha. Everyone keeps pushing me to open it but.. well, you told me not to so I can't. :) Thank you Mom! :)
I'm busy like you wouldn't believe. And.. truly, I guess just more focused on the work. Although, I will be taking next P-day off (in honor of my birthday) to go shopping for Scott’s and Annelie’s and your birthday gifts! ;) I'm sure you'll love anything from here so, I'll try to make them all cool. And I'm super close to the mission home now - did I tell you Costco is in my area? My buddy is buying a card today so we can shop there. And yeah, I can get my mail more frequently now. If there's anything there I can just cruise on over and get it instead of waiting for a training, conference or transfer day! :)
I'm sorry, this week’s won't be too long either - but I LOVE YOU TONS! :) Next P-day I'll use my personal study like I usually do to write something good. :P Haha. so much to do, so little time.. haha. Love you! :)Love you SO much! Thank you for everything, you ARE NUMBER ONE MOMMA!!!


Elder Your Super Handsome and Conceited Son Who is Working on Humility ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last Transfer in Bupyeong!

Since Elder DeMille's letter was extremely short this week, I took the liberty of publishing the next slideshow! These will be his last picture from this beautiful area. (This is a high quality video, so view it full screen and change the setting to 720 HD) We are so proud of our missionary and so very thankful for all the people he has met along the way, especially the two companions he has served with so far, Elder Chow and Elder Higham. Thank you both for being such wonderful examples!


So, no time this week, but here's my update!

T R A N S F E R S !!

I'm headed to 영등포, "Greenie-breaking" Elder Johnson!
(Fun fact: This area is actually in the Seoul Mission, and Gangnam is in my zone!)

Elder Higham is staying, and training a brand new greenie! He's the man, your missionary will do well with him!

Love you all, 
Keep being so incredibly amazing!! ...Especially my wonderful sister Annelie, my magnificent girlfriend Abby, and the strong spirit of future Elder Woolwine. 

Always wonderful examples to me. 

Stay true. 
Haha.. get it?

Elder DeMille!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Go-Chu Experience

Elder DeMille's first experience with the go-chu pepper. It's so hot he said that he went numb from his face to his feet! This was filmed by the sister missionaries and shared with us today. (looks great full screen if you change the setting to HD)

A Simple Testimony

..I've been a missionary - a salary free, door to door, street to street, "Salvation Salesman" - for just over 7 months now. I've left behind college, scholarships, personal interests, hobbies, free time and desires. Dreams have been postponed, goals forgotten, visions refocused. I live over 6,000 miles away from home, where I am laughed at, spit upon, scolded, humbled, empowered, praised, strengthened, and rewarded every day. As I learn more, I realize that this time is a process of sanctification. It is preparation. Set apart from the world, I came as I was; not required to pass any tests or prove my qualifications. No one quizzed me about my knowledge of the gospel, my teaching experience, or training. The only requirement was to accept the responsibilities of the position I was being asked to fill. I was asked to bear witness. To give two years of my life to sow seeds of grace and kindness, and to work day in and day out learning to accept and understand the many weaknesses I would soon find in myself as well as in others. Yes, "caught in between the whirl of teenage activity and confinement to cane and rocking chair", I am a missionary. My pace is set. My gait is fast. My goal is Heaven. My road is narrow. My way is rough. My companions are few. My guide is reliable and my mission is clear.  My purpose is to be a friend, to have a heart, to lend a hand, to do my best to be submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, and willing to submit to whatever circumstance I may find myself in. ...But I am not the world's punching bag. I am a messenger - and I will bear powerful testimony to as many as will listen. I will lift the hands of those which hang hopelessly down, and show others a way to real, lasting happiness. This is the most purposeful thing, perhaps, I have ever done in my life, and possibly the most purposeful thing I will ever do. ...and why? ..Why am I doing it? Why am I here, among 82,000 others, giving up so much to be a part of such a trying and difficult experience?

..Because we read that book.
We read a book consisting of a history of an ancient people in a distant land living as two different tribes of people, with separate leaders and customs, coupled with a detailed history of nations and peoples no one has ever heard of before. ..This 1,000 year book of history and doctrine was created within 80 days, the copy dictated to the scribe for final draft; no revisions or updates necessary. Announced not as fiction - but truth - the writings included a promise: That if people read, ponder, and pray about the book, they can know that it is true. ..This book has millions of readers who have read and testified that they know this book is true because of the results of said promise. Thousands of great men and women, even intellectual giants and scholars have become utter disciples of this book, some even to the point of giving their lives for it. ..but why? For the same reason we have decided to give 2 years of our lives for it.

We know that it is true.
I know that it is true. 

I know that Joseph Smith, a poor, relatively uneducated, back-woodsy young man from upstate New York, at hardly 23 years old translated the ancient records and brought forth the Book of Mormon through the power and authority of God. I know that he truly did have help from Heaven, and thus doing so, changed millions of lives forever. ..And that's just it. We believe in forever. I believe in forever. I know that through this church, this gospel, this doctrine, we can live with our families and loved ones for time and all eternity. ..Isn't that what everyone wants, deep down? To be with those that make us happy - truly happy- for the rest of our lives, and eternity? Our God is a God of love, of joy, of choice. He gave us the options. ..We CHOSE to come here; to be tried, tested, burdened, defeated, battered, and bruised so that we could understand what it takes to return to live with Him. He wanted us to be free and choose him. ..Isn't that beautiful? We took the risk, knowing and trusting that through our Savior Jesus Christ God would accept our best efforts.
My step-sister was baptized on July 5th, 2014. I was there in spirit.
..We are here, as missionaries, because we have experienced those times of real joy - those peak experiences - We know what is possible, and how much more full your life can be when you are striving to constantly become better, stand for truth and everything good, and center your life around those you love - your family. ..That's all our doctrine is. To be good people.
I'm so grateful for all the missionaries who taught her.
You are who you choose to be.
..Should you ever wonder who we chose to be, the answer will always be available to you. Give the Book of Mormon a chance, if you haven't already. Feel it's power, and put away the stereotypical thoughts you have about those of our faith. People are imperfect. But this wasn't between you and them anyway - it's between you and Him. 

Do as the young boy had done in 1820.

Ask of God.

I love you all and say these things, in the name of my beloved brother Jesus Christ,

May your week be something special!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

In honor of Elder Berry "dying" this transfer..‏

..Don't freak out. ..When someone "dies" in a mission, it just means they have completed their mission and go home. ..And well, in honor of Elder Berry and the final words he gave to us missionaries in our Zone Training, I would like to say the one thing he said. 

“저는 이 교회의 잠됨을 알고있습니다. ..예수 그리스도의 이름으로, 말씀드립니다, 아멘. 

I know this church is true. ..I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”
..Huge shoutout to my beautiful, incredibly talented little sister, Annelie for getting baptized this week! I'm so proud of you sis!!! Love you all so much, and can't wait to see what other adventures lie ahead for everyone else. 

Take care,

Much love,

Elder DeMille