Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Unofficial Update

Somehow Elder DeMille spent all his computer time responding to emails this week and though he clearly planned on sending a letter for me to post here, he didn't actually ever get to it. We have so many regular readers now that I didn't want to keep you all hanging. Here are excerpts from messages he sent to me tonight. This can at least give you a vague picture of how he is doing in his new area with his new companion. Luckily, we did get a few new pictures this week!
That's so cool Mom. Seriously so so cool. Thank you for sharing those experiences with me. ..I've coincidentally been talking a lot about Grandpa Don this week as well - introducing my story to new members and things. Super cool Mom. I wish I could've met him so bad - but we'll see him again in no time! :) I love that you're recognizing these things -- You're the best. You're seriously doing so much and are such a great part of everyone's life. Thank you Momma :)

Haha and here are your simple answers. 
* Yes, I lost another 2kg last week.
* I’m totally healthy. Like an ox. ..Except I have to stretch my back alot. No big deal.
* I’m totally comfortable in my new living arrangements, and everyone in my house is soooo cool.
* My companion is a homie, we have one Korean elder and we are way tight. * My Korean is actually.. ...really good. :) The whole ward thought I had to be Korean because my introduction was so good... haha. :) It’s finally getting there - although there is still TONS I don't know. I’m literally experiencing the gift of tongues in the flesh. I swear I shouldn't be able to understand any of this!
* I got everyone to clean the house today, and things are really, really good. :)
My new companion's name is Elder Johnson. He's a stud - 20 years old and a super avid rock-climber. He's really really chill, and so positive and fun. It's like.. a less patient me. ..Believe it or not my patience has come a verrrry long way, hahaha. Still workin' on it though - along with my humility.. hehehh.. ;P Thank you for the virtual birthday cake! It's literally nonexistent out here - and yes, I'm waiting to open my birthday package, of course. Haha. Everyone keeps pushing me to open it but.. well, you told me not to so I can't. :) Thank you Mom! :)
I'm busy like you wouldn't believe. And.. truly, I guess just more focused on the work. Although, I will be taking next P-day off (in honor of my birthday) to go shopping for Scott’s and Annelie’s and your birthday gifts! ;) I'm sure you'll love anything from here so, I'll try to make them all cool. And I'm super close to the mission home now - did I tell you Costco is in my area? My buddy is buying a card today so we can shop there. And yeah, I can get my mail more frequently now. If there's anything there I can just cruise on over and get it instead of waiting for a training, conference or transfer day! :)
I'm sorry, this week’s won't be too long either - but I LOVE YOU TONS! :) Next P-day I'll use my personal study like I usually do to write something good. :P Haha. so much to do, so little time.. haha. Love you! :)Love you SO much! Thank you for everything, you ARE NUMBER ONE MOMMA!!!


Elder Your Super Handsome and Conceited Son Who is Working on Humility ;)

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