Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm Back ... One Year Older and Wiser Too?

Wow.. where do I even start this week??

..Well.. I think that should be pretty obvious. I owe you all a huge apology! I totally spaced writing last week - we were in a hurry, and amongst writing back loved ones, sending stats, and trying to be on time, I got a little side tracked, haha! But hey, let me give you the low- down.
영등포 is incredible. We've got the only church with a basketball court and possibly the only house in the mission with 6 elders in it. And with no AC (in the house), 4 fans, and a living space made for 4 1/2 elders, it gets pretty exciting. Plus, my new comp is the man. Elder Johnson - a rock climbing, mountain hiking, mischief making fanatic, is a killer missionary. His Korean is really good, and hi is never afraid of talking to anyone. Which is so important out here. We're both pretty fresh (He's only 2 months behind me) so we're both learning a lot.. but we've had a ton of fun.
We've been escorted by mopeds through villages, have messed up subway travel plans, have spontaneously gone to dinner with way inactive less actives, have enjoyed Costco smoothies many a time, have devoured Krispy Kreme doughnuts, have started diets, have played with caterpillars, played basketball, badminton, soccer, and uno, have just recently received bible-bash whippings, and are pretty much doing work on the streets! We love it! Elder Johnson is from Murray, so out of everyone so far, he definitely understands me best. It's so rad. All SLC kids do the same things, I swear, haha. His most used words are, "dude", "like", "gnar", "gnarly", "sick", "dope", "tight", and "I'm finna drink, some milk!" Hahaha. I love him. We've also got Elders Han (DL) and Bryan, and Zone Leaders Light and Lion in our house.
Everyone is happy and hardworking, and they all love my robots, haha. They even already had me help make a flyer with Sister Allred for our weekly "Friendship Night" - an opportunity to strengthen our youth through sports and other games. But shoot, other than your typical tracting almost every hour, nothing is too different.
Our area - specifically me and Elder Johnson - are the newest here, and it was just opened 2 transfers ago, leaving us with.. not a lot. No investigators, hardly any potentials, no contacts.. but.. I'm sure that if we work hard we'll find success! After all, Elder Johnson and I are unstoppable! And well.. haha other than that the only exciting thing that happened was my birthday! AND BOY WAS IT A GOOD ONE!
I got packages from both my girlfriend, Abby, and my family, and I was BLOWN AWAY!! They made my day beyond special. I could go on and on about the presents I got, but my most favorite thing from my birthday here were the pictures "from the hood" that my mom sent me. She had Abby take pictures of all my friends, dressed up in goofy accessories with signs that had HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages on them for me!! To see some of my dearest friends, and even sweet family members (including Abby's family) was the COOLEST  thing. It just helped me to feel loved, and helps me know that I really do have people back home who love me - whom I've made a difference for.
I've had so may incredible times with so many incredible people it's almost unfair! Goodness - I'm so blessed. Thank you, to everyone who made my birthday absolutely wonderful! I loved every second of it (tracting and all) and even got surprise birthday cake from the Sisters. Everybody rules. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
This week, being thankful has been on my mind. And because of that, I've thought a lot about my prayers, and if I'm really being thankful and doing my best to be sincere when I pray. Sometimes I rush through them, and assume that the Lord knows what I need, and as long as I'm doing what's right he'll help me out. But.. reading through my Memory book this morning, something Sister Sloan wrote stood out to me. She said, in Jesus the Christ, James E. Talmage says, "True, (haha.. almost like he's talking right to me.. eh?) the Father knows our needs before we ask, but by asking we acknowledge Him as the Giver, and are made humble, grateful, contrite, and reliant by the request."
He's absolutely right. Remember that God knows and loves you. He knows what you need. ..But, if you're not humble enough to ask, how much harder would it be for you to recognize the real significance of those blessings you're constantly receiving? 

I love you all! Remember the Lord always, and never give up. 
We were meant to have joy. 
Find it.

All the love, and all the prayers,

Elder DeMille

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