Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, August 31, 2014

They Call Me Father

Hey friends, and family! 

Seriously unprepared this week, but I thought I'd let you in on a few things that are going on!

First, I got my son! His name is Elder Ellsworth, and he's from Kansas and a mess of about 20 other states. He's from a Navy family, hence all the moves, and loves soccer, basketball, and debate. Haha. He's seriously the man! His Korean is outstanding, and his Introduction in Sacrament meeting was incredible. Everyone loves him already! He weighs in at about 6'1" and 75kg, so it's like we're basically twins. ...It's just that one of us is white.. hahaha. 
Anyway, training has been a blast so far. It's crazy to walk the streets with someone who is seeing everything for the first time, but he is doing everything with impeccable perfection! He even got us 2 phone numbers the other night... (Right? Talk about future AP?!) I love this kid, and ..well, I apologize because the only photos I have of us are of him passed out on the floor last night and me pretending to have died next to him.. haha. He's still a little jet-lagged, but is game for just about anything. He's super fun.
Other than that, the days have been all out of control (I was in a tri-panionship all last week) but we got a call from Elder Buntz (our Publicity coordinator in Seoul). He called and wants to write an article on our wall! Super stoked. That'll go down on Tuesday, with shots from a Go-Pro and such, and I'll hopefully have cooler news by then.
Goodness, sorry for the lack of updates, but that's just about it! Wishing Sister Bagley the best of luck back home for the next few weeks, and hoping that you all have the best week! I love you!

Elder DeMille

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