Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Flood.

So, among the crazy things that happened this week, I've gotta say that I definitely impressed myself. I ate live Octopus. Yes, live, wriggling, squirming, suction-cup attacking octopus. The raddest part? If you don't chew the tentacles enough and kill the octopus before you swallow.. ..there's a pretty high chance it'll kill you. 

..Hahaha what is my life??


So, besides meeting my SUPER awesome and fluent in both French and English aunt, SJ-- who took us out for some delicious steak and a wonderful time--, I was also able to meet up with my Uncle and Aunt, cousins and Grandparents for a solid dinner that consisted of duck meat and live Octopus. Haha. When all was said and done they even boiled the octopus heads for us to eat on the way home. Bulging eyes, brain, ink and all -- that was hands down the coolest, yet weirdest, and not the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten on my mission. I'd probably do it again. Win!
The coolest part of this week though, was that the very next Sunday morning, we got up and got ready just like normal. We had planned the night before to meet our Mission President and his wife at the church a little bit early (since they were planning on visiting our ward), to be able to practice with Sister Morrise for our "special musical number" we would be performing for our ward and for President.

So, queue arrival at the church at precisely 9am. We had a scheduled meeting from 9:15-9:30, then practice from 9:30-10:00am, and so we dropped off our bags and walked past the Sisters who were washing their hands in the sink.
...As they finished we passed them again, and they were on the phone, the water off, but the sound was still going.. rushing water.. coming from an unknown source. 
..We looked around and saw that in the mens bathroom.. Water was leaking in a steady stream straight from the lighting above..


We ran upstairs to find the entire hallway ankle deep with water, and shut off all the power. The bishop came soon after, and it took us a solid 30 minutes to find the cause of the leak. In the meantime we spent an hour exactly pushing water out of the hallway with squeegees, and doing everything we could to .. well, clear the church of the flood. President showed up later and helped us out a bit, and it was madness. But, all said and done, we were able to clear it out, have practice, sing our song, and start all of the meetings on time. 

If that's not a miracle I don't know what is!

Later we found the cause of the leak was one small tube, with a slight incision on the side of it. ...And thus we see, by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

Remember that in your life, sometimes there are small little things nagging at us, and if we ignore them for too long, they too will flood our lives and thoughts with endless trouble. Thus becoming harder and harder to resolve. Put a stop to the problem, and then clean up the mess. 

Work hard, and have a wonderful week! See you all soon!

All the love,

Elder DeMille

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