Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Are You Trying?

What's up ladies and gents!

This week wasn't crazy eventful. We celebrated "International Hoffman's Day" on P-day in behalf of Sister Hoffman's birthday, and went ham! (crazy). It was awesome! Missionaries came from all over just to celebrate, and we ended up going to the Anyang river in our area and playing all sorts of games. Frisbee, Soccer volleyball ( a real sport here, it's so fun! ), And tons of rugby. Rugby was by far my favorite. Elder Salazar (from Oly! Hooah!) taught us how to play, and Elder Matthews (From Austraila - Brisbane) helped ref and keep us all in line, haha. It was incredibly fun. I ended up scoring 3 touchdowns and got some sweet cuts to prove it! Remember that "no grass in Korea" thing? Yes. It's still that way. Hahaha.
Outside of that, not too many events went down this week! We had a great time just enjoying life, and watching all the flowers bloom. I've decided lately that, man.. I just love this experience! Sure, it's trying sometimes, and takes a lot of patience, but.. what doesn't? Why not just be happy with the moment that you're in, and try to kick life's butt?! Haha so, I saw this cool video today and wanted to share it. Granted, everything in our lives may not happen this perfectly but, I believe that as long as you're trying to be a good person in your life and are showing others that sweet light I know each one of you has inside, you'll make a difference.
..And that's all anyone wants anyway, right?
..To make a difference?

So here's my question to you!

..Are you trying?

Have a great week!

All the love,
Yours TRUEly (See what I did there? Ha, I get the puns from my brother Dawson.)

Elder DeMille!

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