Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Monday, September 14, 2015

Shh ... Don't Tell My Mom


This week, I figured I'd just tell you that I had a mighty sweet one, and got to go bowling for the first time in what.. like 2 and a half years? Haha. It was awesome-- we went with Elder Ellsworth (my son), Elder Pettit, Elder Arrrrrredondo (as he says it), Elders Helms and Dayley, along with my companiero Elder Murdock and our (mine, Ellsworth's and Helms') recent convert, Sean!
I definitely hit my all time low of like..89? And then picked up the (really sad) winning 139 the next round. But, all said and done, it was suuuper fun. We had a blast!Later in the week we were able to do all the good missionary stuff, including teaching investigators, making cool Book-of-Mormon cases for Friendship night, teaching English class, ~ the works. Then, Saturday rolled around with transfer calls and not a single one of us are moving! Haha! However, my son Elder Ellsworth is blessing me with a GRANDSON!! Hahaha! You heard it, he's training, ladies and gentlemen! Too cool!!
Outside of that, I guess the next coolest thing is that we had interviews with President this Friday -- in our house-- and boy, it was madness.
I was able to report to him on some goals I had made (and had help making -- thank you Dawna, Annie, and Steven!!) and we got to talk about some other cool things going on in the mission. He told me how his family is being found right now as well, similar to mine, though it's all about locating his great-grandfather's history. Suuper cool. We then got to talk about how .. when I had lunch with my uncle last week, he had told me that since my Mom and Grandma are coming to Korea (they're landing in a few hours here.. haha, craaaazy!), all of my Korean relatives across Korea and Australia will be meeting in Yeoju for their annual Chuseok festivities!! ..That being said, we talked about how cool of an opportunity it would be to meet those relatives that I haven't met yet-- and President decided that I should really go. In fact, he had no problems with me going, and is basically saying I NEED to go! What a twist! So, next, next Sunday (since my mom's on the plane she doesn't know yet) , I'll be celebrating Chuseok with.. well, my MOM!!! And my Grandma Kim!! As WELL as, all of my other Korean relatives!! It'll be so fun, I'm INCREDIBLY AMPED, and feeling so blessed to have this kind of opportunity -- scary or not -- to see my Mom after such a long time, and while I'm still a real-live missionary too! Haha! Holy cow!

So, that's what's going down in the future! 

And that's all I have time for this week. Hope you had a safe flight, mom! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!! Haha 

Love you all!!

With all the love (of course)

Elder DeMille

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