Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adventure Time

Okay, so this is gonna be a first here.. ..are you ready? This time, I'm actually going to talk about the subject of my email.. FIRST! Haha can you believe it??

So here it is.. are you ready?

..I found out this week that (well, for those of you that watch Adventure Time) Lady Rainicorn doesn't actually speak jibberish in the cartoon. ..She speaks Korean. ..So, I have now decided that when I get home from my mission, I will become a vegetable in front of a television for at least a week in order to discover everything Lady Rainicorn says in that silly cartoon. ....MY SOUL NEEDS TO KNOW.
Haha other than that sweet fact, this week was pretty normal, with a fair share of exciting things mixed in! Let's get started! 

On Monday, we played a sweet game of soccer, and I finally got some pics of us playing, thanks to the sweet grace of my dear friend Elder Gibbons! After that, we went to the bath house, and later attended my first Korean funeral. ..Well, it wasn't MY funeral of course, but it was for a sister's grandmother in our ward. But not a sister, like an Elder/Sister, just a sister. ..Oh boy. You get what I mean. It was really interesting, and sad, but super different. First, we took a taxi there and jammed out to "Do you Believe in Life After Love?” which I'm still not sure I can really answer. Once we got there we ate a bunch of food right next to the burial shrine (incense and stuff) and then did a ceremonial bow, and bow down to the relatives with our faces on the floor for a solid 10 seconds. It was interesting, but hey! New experiences are good, right?
On Tuesday, to start things off right I totally turfed it in the shower.. while trying to stretch a sore quad muscle. ..Don't picture it, but it was pretty silly. And mom, I'm fine, don't worry, haha. It was just embarrassing. ..Who falls in the shower, with shower sandals on? Come on! Then, later that day we got to play some basketball with an investigator of ours. I'm terrible at basketball in Korea. ..Like, absolutely awful. I blame it on the air density, but Elder Chow just thinks I'm not coordinated, hahaha. We ordered chicken that night which was mighty tasty, and taught a new investigator who feeds us every time we meet! He brings us all sorts of snacks as we teach him English, and teach him the Gospel through a 30/30 program. 30 minutes English, 30 minutes Gospel. He loves us so much he gave us hugs at the end too! haha! Great guy.
On Wednesday, transfers happened, but didn't really do anything for us since we're both staying. However, that day, we were walking on the road and I made a terrible mistake. This little high school girl saw us both walking while she was with all of her friends and timidly said "Hello", so out of habit I just said "Hey" back, and she went berserk! She started breathing like she was gonna have a heart-attack and said “Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi!" Like a billion times. ...Gosh, it sure is hard being so devilishly handsome.  ..Later that day we did two 20-minute practice lessons with members, and it was sweet practice. I taught a lot, struggled a lot, and improved a lot. Elder Chow always tells me the the Lord doesn't expect immediate perfection, but He does expect immediate progression. Therefore, I am always trying my best to progress!
Thursday was another "Senior Day" in which I plan for the day before hand, lead all the lessons, and lead.. well.. pretty much everything. It's stressful sometimes, but always a good learning experience. That day we met with Q again, and read the Book of Mormon with him, as well as taught him all about Lehi's dream! We drew a stellar diagram that I'll send to my mom so you can see it. Haha.. it's a mess, but .. the most beautiful mess you'll ever see. That night our new investigator again, and he fed us delicious soy sauce fried Chicken. ...Like, man, It was amazing. (..And the answer is ‘yes’, I'm still losing weight.) :P That night, we went to the nearest Daiso (like an Officemax kind of, with office supplies and toys) and bought some 3D puzzle Spaceships. ..Elder Chow and I now both officially have our own fleet. ..Be very afraid.
Friday was .... wow .. we’re going to just skip to the evening. Deal? …At English class we did a sweet role play pretending to be Weather Forecasters on the News. The students did an amazing job, considering the fact that they're all over 40 and have the funniest ideas of what English people sound and act like. It was awesome! Haha. Mr. Park came and brought the biggest pizza I've ever seen. ..Also, since we taught about the weather, I've decided that someone needs to make a dubstep song called "The Calm Before the Storm." ..so get on that. You'll be a DeMillionaire.
Saturday we taught an awesome investigator, and bought him a sweet triple combination Book of Mormon and decorated a case for him too. We spent almost the entire time talking about doughnuts (since previous to meeting him Elder Chow and I found a Krispy Kreme, yes, in Korea, that was having a 'buy a dozen, get a dozen' deal for like 11 bucks. ..I couldn't resist. ..We had four boxes of doughnuts.) and talked about some place called "Legendary Doughnuts" in Washington that is supposedly just.. well.. Legendary! Haha.

Sunday was pretty quiet, but it's also a day of rest! We walked around for hours and talked to lots of people. It was a good time! 

Everyone, I love you so much! Especially those of you I don't know because, well, I'm sure you're all fantastic people! Keep doing amazing things for the world. You never know whose life you're going to touch. Can't wait to keep in touch again next week! This is Elder DeMille, signing off! 

Elder DeMille

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