Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Would Walk 500 Miles.. ....And Probably 5,000 More!

What's up everybody??! 

This week was craazy fast, and super rad. I don't have a ton of time left.. (I know, I'm still growing into a responsible adult who can truly manage time.. but you'll need to cut me some slack, I'm only 18!) so I'll try to make this ridiculously interesting, enthralling, captivating, and mind-blowing, while simultaneously keeping this update relatively short. (Impressed with my big words? ..I hope they all make sense, haha)
Round 1.... Fight!

So Monday, last P-day, I got to get a hold of the INCREDIBLE package my mom sent me. 30 lbs worth of unreal goodies!! Scooby Doo fruit snacks, new movies to watch (The Work and the Glory, and Ephraim's Rescue; I highly recommend them both, but I love the Work and the Glory times like... at least 6), goldfish crackers of all flavors, my iPod with fantastic music on it, letters from my family, the works! Even some new stylish ties, and cake mixes! Haha! We spent P-day tearing it apart, and enjoying the contents. We kicked back, watched movies, ate licorice and drank hot chocolate, and pretty much just got fat. ...Best day. That night, we taught an investigator  and he brought us some bread from Paris Baguette (a really famous bakery here, it's EVERYWHERE) and had some yummy egg-salad sandwiches. ..Yes mom, those words just came out of my mouth.
Tuesday was sweet, as we picked up a new investigator! He's 24 years old, and pretty much told us he's always wanted to go to church. He wants to become and actor, and wants to learn English really bad, so we're teaching him English, and the Gospel. Double points! That night, we were invited to Bishop's house again for dinner, and and it was somewhat awkward, haha. I struggle. ..We had these weird rice-paper-crepe-type-things. You take the rice paper, dip it in this boiling pot of water to soften it, and pile your contents in it, wrap it up and shove it all in your mouth. Hahaha pretty adventurous, although .. well, I kept doing it wrong, haha. Then, the Bishop had me share a surprise spiritual thought at the end, and I bore my testimony as well as I could. Rough day, but delicious nonetheless!
On Wednesday we had a District Meeting led by the infamous Elder Chow, and learned about some of the other Elder's investigators. I did an exchange with Elder Hafen and brought him into my area for the day, led 3 lessons, and did really well. It was super fun! 

Thursday Elder Chow had me do another Senior day (in which I carry the phone, contact others, plan for the day, lead lessons, etc) and we had a good time. We got a little artsy, and did some cool watercolor stuff, haha!  We also found a guitar on the side of the road, so I decided to take it with us, buy new strings, string it up and tune it! It sounds pretty good, but man, have I lost a lot of my skill! I think I'll be giving it to Elder Shaver. He can make much more use out of it than I can! ..Then that night, I also gave Elder Chow a haircut, haha! I'm starting to take after my sister!
Friday was rad, we didn't do much, but baked a cake for a member and had English class. Really not much to report for Friday.

Saturday was similar, and taught one of our sweet investigators for probably the last time.. he's not making any progress and solely wants to learn English, making it sound like we'll have to drop him. It's gonna be rough, but we both feel it's gotta happen. 

Sunday we went to church and walked for-ever. We met with a new investigator though, and he was awesome! He went on a European tour a little while ago, and showed us all the pictures from there! He even ran into some elders there! How crazy! In the end, when he prayed he said, "I thought it would be really awkward to meet with these guys, but it they are actually really cool." ..Haha.
Anyway, we're all doing well! Give Hanna a HUGE congrats on her call, and send all of my love to my man Elder Bradshaw if you know him!! We're all praying for him! 

Also, we've been keeping track of how far we walk each day via my iPod (doubles as a pedometer), and we take about 20,000 steps a day. From Tuesday to Sunday this week, we walked 49.4 miles, or 83.5 kilometers!! Isn't that nuts??!

Anyway, keep on keepin' on everyone, I love you all so much!!!

Elder DeMille

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