Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, April 6, 2014

What's Up From the Land of Korea!

Welcome to another exciting episode of "Elder DeMille's Really Exciting and Somewhat Surprising Mission in the Land of Korea" Episode, ..a billion? I swear I've written so many of these mass emails.

..Alright, to start off, if any of you who are reading this are from Olympus High, and have gotten a mission call, or know someone who has gotten their mission call in the senior class, please tell them congrats! I love that it's that time again, and it's so crazy to see where everyone is going!!
So this week, was pretty intense. We started Monday off right playing my ULTIMATE favorite sport. It was so ULTIMATEly fun and ULTIMATEly the best P-day of all time. ..Can you guess what it was?? ..Ultimate Frisbee you say?? ...Wrong. We played Ultimate Disc. ..haha it was super rad, and we all had a super fun time. No pics, sadly, but missionaries from all over the zone gathered in Bupyeong and played some sweet Ultimate Disc! Everyone had such a great time, and it was sooo good to toss again. (Yes, I'm a Disc-addict.. ..Sober for almost 4 months..) The relapse was well worth it. Monday Chow and I bought "companionship shirts" which we'll send a picture of someday soon, and also had dinner with our 1st Counselor! We went to a buffet called "Ashley's" and Elder Chow ate me under the table. ..It was nuts. That kid punishes food. On the way home, we even got jumped by one of our fellow friends at a market who exploded out of the back of this huge white van and started screaming at us while holding two huge boxes of strawberries, "TWO FOR TEN!! TWO FOR TEN!!" So, naturally, out of my super manly instincts, I whipped out my wallet as fast as I could and purchased the strawberries so I didn't wet my pants from being absolutely terrified.. hahaha!
Tuesday was pretty rad, I went on another split with Elder Empey, and pretty much walked around all day/night long. Nothing too exciting, but when I first got there, his Bishop called us and told us to come visit him at his work! So of course, we went, and he was actually at the church across the street. We walked up to him and started to just casually talk to him and his wife as they played with their kid in the parking lot, and then the Bishop came up and asked, "Elder DeMille! Is your mom's name Lisa?" ..In Korean of course, so I'm in total Korean mode, and am totally confused as to why in the world this guy knows my mom's name, so I keep saying, "Yeah! How do you know? How do you know??" He wouldn't answer, and had me stand on the steps of the church to take a picture, and then started to film a video! He looked at me and said, Okay, talk to your family! Hahaha I was in Korean mode, and so confused! So, hopefully the video my family received made sense.. haha!
Wednesday was pretty simple, Empey made me beans on eggs on toast which is supposedly what they eat for breakfast in England (Why that applies to Korea is beyond me) but it was pretty delicious. 

Thursday was really simple as well, we taught a new investigator about Prophets, and related it to people making a movie because he wants to be an actor really bad. We told him that we are like the cast, wanting to make a movie, but not knowing how, we need direction! So of course, God is the Director, but he also doesn't really want to get out of his sweet chair and come back and forth to us all the time, so he has someone called a Prophet, or Producer, that tells us the right way to do things. Rad huh? It was more in-depth, but this is all that time really permits right now, haha.
Friday was a Split with Elder Thompson, a Zone Leader. We talked to about a billion people, and talked to someone who believes in 10 different dimensions of the universe and that Jesus is an alien. ..Interesting! Haha. Another man talked about how Adam failed, so they sent Jesus, and since Jesus failed and was crucified, Adam was reincarnated and sent like 4 more times. They currently worship Adam the 6th. ...What?

Saturday was tight! I passed off "The Savior's Earthly Ministry" with Elder Thompson, putting me even closer to passing off the whole pamphlet in Teacher Training. We un-split, and actually ended up dropping one investigator this week. ..It was really sad, but that’s the way it had to be. He didn't have gospel interest anymore. .. :( We hit Ediya Espresso that night, and I drank the most delicious white hot chocolate I have had in my entire human existence. ..Like.. wow.
We hit our goal of talking to 115 people this week, and did really well! Since I'm out of time, a huge shout out goes to my boy Elder Bradshaw (Elder Swagshaw) who is currently recovering right now. I love you to death, and am praying for you day and night brother! This week was a week of patience for me, and I'm sure it is for many of you out there. Remember that sometimes our difficulties require the heavenly virtue of patience, and that someone is always there to help you. I love you all! Stay strong, and be True! ...(Heh, not literally though, cuz well.. I'm me and you're you.. so be you.. )

Elder DeMille!

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