Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, April 20, 2014

This is not.. the greatest song in the world.. no.. ..this is just a tribute.

Another week, another.. destiny? 

Haha welcome! Or, hello? Man, my English skills are going. I actually have no idea what I'm supposed to say to an American to start a conversation. Do people back home start with Hello? I wouldn't know what else to say! No one understands "what's up" here, haha. But hey, this week was actually quite the adventure. I was the Senior Companion for the entire week, gave a 5 minute talk in church, and managed to discover a few things about myself along the way. ...If you'd care to learn more… Keep reading.

Monday was where it all began. First senior day of the week, and I got the privilege of leading the travels to Sanbon! (산본) We played soccer with a TON of missionaries there, including some of my pals, Elder Fowler, Elder Campbell (who is ridiculously amazing at said sport), and Elder Stowe! They all seemed to be doing really well, and were super focused on the work. So awesome! Elder Stowe has an obsession with bread right now (I'm sure it's because it's just familiar) but it was silly to see him carrying a whole loaf around with him because he said he was hungry.. haha. 

Tuesday held a few more adventures, I got to plan and lead out our next lesson with SJ, and he's doing so well! We talked a lot about Faith in Jesus Christ and things like that, and he is totally progressing. Later that day, however, as I was walking with Elder Chow, he pushed me and I realized three things.
1. Right now, I strongly dislike when people touch me. Haha, When I first came out, I messed around with Elder Chow, and he always got upset when I touched him. I asked him what was so weird about it, and he told me one day I would understand. Missionaries, especially Korean ones, just aren't very touchy, haha. ..And now, I fully understand. Touch me, and die.

2. I am an empty husk of a man. Haha, I seriously have gotten rid of so many emotions it's insane. Namely, the crying one, the jealous one, and the yelling one. I hardly ever get angry, cry, or pout. My mom would be so proud :)

3. My self-confidence is pretty much nil. I'm still trying to figure out whether this is a good thing or not, but I feel like I'm really just a normal dude, walking around, talking to other normal people. Chow told me when I first came I had this certain "swagger", and now I walk like a normal business man, or missionary. Haha. Apparently there's no more pep-in-my-step. But, of course I'm still myself.
Wednesday was a bit more interesting, we had District meeting and I got to lead exchanges with Elder Ellsworth in my area, Bupyeong. We got some rad snacks from our new couple missionaries in our area, Elder and Sister Lee, and did some sweet Uke-jammin' in our apartment that night. Also, here's a tip: If you have blonde or red hair, and you are coming to Korea, you do not need to worry about a thing. Seriously. When I'm with Elder Chow, we both kind of blend in, I'm Korean, he's Chinese, ..We're Asian. BUT. When you walk around with Elder Brewer, or Elder Ellsworth, people come talk TO YOU. It's nuts! We had two girls come ask us to be their boyfriends.. ...and.. yeah. Haha, the adventures continued. Half of our contacts that day were people coming to talk to US. So crazy!
Thursday morning we finished making a Book of Mormon case for SJ, met with the raddest member, JY, who helped me translate my 5 minute talk for Sunday, and even let me record him speaking it so I could practice with it. After that (that was the evening) we stepped outside into the pouring rain, caught a taxi home, and wandered the glistening streets. (Sounds magical, doesn't it?) ..We also heard about a terrible accident this week that happened in Korea. Around 300 high school students missing from a ferry that capsized in the ocean. Absolutely terrifying. Pray for those souls please. 

Friday we watched some old school videos before we prepared for English class (Namely "Pioneers in Petticoats" and "Johnny Lingo" produced by the waayyy old BYU college) and had 10 people show up to English class! The most we've ever had! We taught people about phone etiquette, and practiced calling and ordering pizzas through another phone in the church. It was hilarious. I was at one, and Elder Chow was at the other with the class, and we practiced ordering pizzas. One guy requested two large pizzas, breadsticks, chicken wings, a cake, two 2 liters, some other random item and used a 20% coupon on his order.. ... you know how fast I had to do that math??! Hahaha. It was a really good time. Saturday was the usual, we just walked the streets, and got lost at one point thanks to my incredible sense of direction, but that was that!

Sunday was EASTER! SJ showed up to church which was totally awesome, and he loved it! Everyone was super super friendly, they passed out about a billion boiled eggs to everyone in each class, and we went around having "wars" with each other. You smash your egg against someone else's, and whoever loses (as in, whoever's breaks) has to eat it! ..But, I love eggs, so I secretly liked losing. I gave my talk, which went really well, and as I sat down the lady next to me on the stand, the conductor, even helped by marking a few things I could have pronounced better, but couldn't stop saying "excellent!" Later, we met with DN, another investigator, and had a sweet lesson on how he can grow his faith, relating to Alma 32.
Anyway, this week was totally rad, totally stressful, and totally okay. And, actually, in honor of Sister Hoffman's birthday last week, I wanted to share another poem I wrote. It's about moments and well.. how you shouldn't ever let them pass. Inspired by my dad, and my experience as a missionary. 

The fleeting moment you are in
this minute
what was there then could never be there again
the fire so shut up in your bones

I write as though you could comprehend
where it had gone
though you are losing another
to embrace the one you are in now
breathe again
the little details of experience
through your tired mind
so flooded in thought
as you unknowingly carve and paint
with potential
for the knowledge
woven into the very fabric of your soul
that in this single moment
lies eternity.

Love you all!! Keep keepin' on. And don't forget about those who are most important to you!

Elder DeMille

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