Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, April 13, 2014

..Because We're Made of the Stuff of Eternity!‏

So this will be short, sweet, and well, hopefully to the point as I write to you with the last few minutes of my email time! Haha! 

Welcome again, ladies and gentlemen, and might I say that this weeks general conference (Or, perhaps last week's, in your case possibly) was outstanding! But hey, let's start with Monday.
Last Monday, we really just chilled out, and got some shopping done. Nothing too exciting, nothing too extraordinary, but we had a really sweet day. We also went to a "고기" buffet, or, "meat buffet" with Elders Clawson and Thompson, our Zone Leaders. It was sweet! You cook as much food as you want, right in front of you, and eat ’til you drop for about 10 bucks. Delish.

Tuesday was another glorious "Senior Day", in which I take the role of the Senior, and plan for the day, lead the day, set goals, lead our travels, lead discussions, lead lessons, and pretty much lead, lead, and lead some more. But it was good! We decided to go knock some apartment doors, and after getting rejected a handful of times just hit the street. That night I cut Elder Chow's hair again, and it was quite the adventure! Haha! That's pretty much our Tuesday for you.
Wednesday was.. well, exciting. We got a call in the morning from a panicked Sister Rose explaining to us that Sister Watkins had just had a seizure. I gave them information on what to do, got other various information, and we contacted the AP's. Everything got under control, Sister Watkins ended up being totally fine, and will have to do a couple checkup tests at the hospital in a week or so. But all is well! That day, we had District meeting, and other than that, just talked to people on the street all day.
Thursday we had interviews with the President at our church, and got to film a few minutes of advice for the incoming missionaries. I talked about treating your companion like Gold, and Elder Chow talked about keeping your heart on fire, and your mind on ice. We walked a ton that day, and taught Kim Dae Nam about Prophets, and invited him to come watch General conference!
Friday we had English class, where we talked about food, the cookie monster, and found out that three of us have moms named Lisa. Hahah coincidence? I think not!
Saturday we were able to watch the Priesthood session in the morning, and watch the Saturday afternoon session with our ward at night. ..Seriously took like the whole day.
Sunday was more conference; to be specific, like 6 hours straight! We watched the Sunday morning, then had lunch, then the Sunday afternoon, then Saturday morning. Haha yikes!

Anyway, this week was totally rad, really really simple, and inspiring! I wish I had more for you today, but I don't..! I'm sorry, I love you all!

Elder DeMille

Our first package from Korea! Silly Elder.

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