Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Rhyme for the Times ...

So, here's my week in a nutshell. 

*Cool introduction*
..*Super rad beat*
......*Que nerdy kid serving in SoKo*


Monday - the first day of the week!
I emailed the fam, and was so stoked they could speak!
We shared some silly pics, and my mom talked a bunch,
Then Elder Helms, S and I went to "Yumsem" for lunch!
We ordered the special -- Kimbab the size of your arm --
We all tried to "one bite" it, and like... HOLY FARM.
It was hard! The kimbab was huge!!
We then headed to the mall where we knew our money we'd lose
As we dropped 5's and 10's for the loved ones back home
S helped us wrap all the presents and man --
He basically did it alone!
Then Tuesday came around, another lovely dawn -
We didn't do much, but ended up teaching S-son!
Again, I know right? This guy is a 왕! (King -- said like, "Wang")
And after we taught we ordered Pizza 에탕! (Etang)
It was 'uhlicious! And then later that night,
We met Sister Morisse who said with words so polite,
"There's an Elder you know who's hitpoints seem low..
We think he may only be able to take one more blow!"
So I, Elder DeMille, worried my ally might faint,
I took up my brush -- AND ROBOTIC ART I DID PAINT!
Though tired and worn, my zeal disappeared from my head,
And so I wrapped up in my soft blanket and dozed off straight to bed.
Wednesday was plain, another day in the ages -
Though of Jesus the Christ I read like 20 some pages.
With District Meeting, English class and the missionary works,
We ended up spending like 8 1/2 hours in the church. 

Thursday, … we painted a whale --
And I can tell you right now it was certainly not up to scale.
But our main man S.O. was having a somewhat "off" day, 
So we thought that our lava-spouting mammal would make the frowns go away. 
That night we played basketball, my second favorite sport -- 
Some say they like the way they dribble up and down the court,
Though as our night came to an end, we turned off the lights,
and we locked up the church and wished the stars all good night.
Friday, ...was where things just didn't click.
We woke up in the morning with Elder Helms oh so sick -
So we made him some soup, bought crackers and tea, 
and around that time I prayed pretty hard for TV.
But.. ..I read, I studied, and sat around feelin' healthy,
While poor Elder Helms was all germily-wealthy. 

Saturday seemed to come quickest of all,
We spent 3 some odd hours in the A.M. playing futbol. 
Then English class came and went, 
And let me tell you - Helms was still not 100%.
But we worked hard, and later that night,
I learned some Japanese sign language, and man -
Then, well Sunday was so rad I could boast..
See our man S.O. finally RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST!
We all gifted him a tie, and K.T.H. gave him soap - 
To keep himself clean! We think he'll use it - I hope. 
Outside of that, there's not much to tell,
But I hope by this rhyme you can all tell I'm swell,
My week went by quick and I hope this one does too,
Because I can't wait for Christmas!! What about you? :P

All the love,
All the time.

Elder DeMille!

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