Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, December 7, 2014

You've had a birthday.. shout.. "Salvation"?

Haha what's up everybody!

This week was definitely one to remember. Wanna know why?? 

..Yeah, you're right.. you probably don't .. 


..All the love,
Elder DeMille!

....Haha psyche! I'm tellin' you anyway!!!

This week, December 4th (I'm sure my mom posted about it everywhere, or she got a hold of your phone number and called to tell you anyway -- that superwoman) was my YEAR MARK as a Missionary!! Isn't that crazy??! It sure didn't feel like it, but the overnight transition from "Young missionary" to "Old missionary" wasn't as thrilling as most would think. A few new wrinkles on my Book of Mormon, saggier ties, grayscale scarves... ...I think I could get used to it! ..Whipper-snappers! Heh!

Anywho -- I'm still new to a lot of things out here, ..such as...

B A P T I S M ! ! ! ! ! 

Our investigator, was baptized!!! I performed the ordinance, and - me being me - had to say the prayer twice, but man -- it all went so well!! He was a champ the whole time, loved every minute of it, and is so proud to have finally done it! Elder Ellsworth showed up too, and it was super cool to have that kind of reunion between us all. I thought a ton about how neat and special an experience such as baptism is -- and decided I couldn't really put it into words. I wrote as much as I could in my journal last night, but when it came down to it, some words that I was told one day kept echoing in my head.

"Elder DeMille ..What do you think the most powerful force in the universe is?"

"Like...In the whole universe?"

"Yes. What do you think the most powerful force in the whole universe is?"

".. I'd have to say God. ..right?"

"Is that what you think?"

"Well.. yeah. Nothing is more powerful than God. He's omnipotent, omnipresent.. omni.. powerful."

"..That's usually what people say. And it's not a bad answer -- in fact, it makes the most sense. But, what would you say if I told you there is something more powerful than God?"

"..I'd ask you what it is, haha. What could be more powerful than God?"

"..Elder DeMille, the most powerful thing in the universe is a made-up mind."

If God had never made up his mind in the beginning to become who He is today, ..none of us would be here. None of us would have these experiences, these trials, these opportunities to grow or to even exist. ..But God did make up His mind - maybe once when He was young and susceptible, like us -- we don't know. But He chose to follow something. To become someone He knew He could be. And because of that, we have the same opportunity to do the same. And it all became because of His decision, both way back when, and when we lived with Him in Heaven before we came to earth. Remember how we chose to follow something, someone we knew we wanted to become like? ..It went like this:

In solemn council sat the Gods;...

Silence self-spelled; the hour was one
When thought doth most avail;
of worlds unborn the destiny
Hung trembling in the scale.
Silence o'er all, and there arose,
Those kings and priests among,
A Power sublime, than whom appeared
None nobler 'mid the strong.

A stature mingling strength with grace,
Of meek though Godlike mien,
The love revealing countenance
Lustrous as lightning sheen;
Whiter his hair than ocean spray
Of frost of alpine hill.
He spake; --Attention grew more grave,
The stillness e'en more still.

'Father!' -- The voice like music fell,
Clear as the murmuring flow
Of mountain streamlet trickling down
From heights of virgin snow.
'Father,' it said, 'since one must die,
Thy children to redeem,
Whilst Earth, as yet unformed and void,
With pulsing life shall teem;

'And thou, great Michael, foremost fall,
That mortal man may be,
And chosen Savior ye must send,
Lo, here am I - send me!
I ask, I seek no recompense,
Save that which then were mine;
Mine by the willing sacrifice,
The endless glory, Thine!' ...

Silence once more. Then sudden rose
Aloft a towering form,
Proudly erect as lowering peak
'lumed by the gathering storm;
A presence bright and beautiful,
With eye of flashing fire,
A lip whose haughty call bespoke 
A sense of inward ire. 

'Give me to go!' thus boldly cried,
With scarce concealed disdain;
'And hence shall none, from Heaven to Earth, 
That shall not rise again.
My saving plain exception scorns;
Man's agency unknown;
As recompense, I claim the right
To sit on yonder throne!'

Ceased Lucifer. The breathless hush
Resumed and denser grew. 
All eyes were turned; the general gaze 
One common magnet drew. 
A moment there was a solemn pause;
Then, like the thunder-burst,
Rolled forth from lips omnipotent - 
from Him both last and first:

'Immanuel! Thou my Messenger,
Till time's probation end,
And one shall go thy face before,
While twelve thy steps attend.
And many more, on that far shore,
The pathway shall prepare,
That I, the First, the Last may come,
And earth my glory share.' ...

'T was done. From congregation last
Tumultuous murmurs rose;
Waves of conflicting sound, as when
Two meeting seas oppose. 
'T was finished. But the heavens wept;
And still their annuals tell
How one was choice of Elohim,
O'er one who fighting fell.

("Elect of Elohim" - Orson F. Whitney)

Agency is too precious a gift to waste. While I believe decisions determine destiny, God will not live our lives for us, nor control us as if we were his puppets, like Lucifer proposed to do. He gave us the power to act. To choose. To define. To become. Got will not act to make us something we do not choose by our actions to become. Truly He loves us, and because He loves us, He neither compels us, nor abandons us. Rather, He helps and guides us. The real manifestation of God's love is in His commandments. God knows better than we do what we can truly become -- and if we follow His path, his guidelines, his commands, we can achieve all that we are destined to be. The most powerful thing in the universe, is a made up mind. Sean made up his mind. --Now it's your turn. Test the Lord. 

Make up your mind. 

All the love,

Elder DeMille!!

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