Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A "Mass-ively" Short Letter

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I, Elder DeMille, do solemnly apologize. 

This week was amazing, but the past few days have been so hectic trying to get my foreigner card (Alien Registration card) updated and renewed. It's insane. So, I wasn't able to prepare anything this morning for you, I'm terribly sorry.. 

I do have this cool poem my mom sent me last week. It helped me out a lot, and is really really rad. So, check it out, and know that life in Korea is going. It snowed a TON last night, so we're on ice, but it's still great! It's cold, delicious, and spicy as always! Love you all tons!

John S. Tanner wrote lyrics based on the Psalm of Nephi and set it to the tune of Be Still My Soul. Here are the lyrics:

“I Love the Lord” 
I love the Lord. In him my soul delights.
Upon his word, I ponder day and night.
He’s heard my cry, brought visions to my sleep, 
And kept me safe o’er deserts and the deep. 
He’s filled my heart with his consuming love, 
And borne me high on wings of his great dove. 

Yet oft I groan, “O wretched man am I!”
My flesh is weak and I’m encompassed by
A world of sin, which holds me in its thrall,
If I give in and to temptations fall.
Then strength grows slack, I waste in sorrow’s vale. 
My peace destroyed, my enemies prevail. 

Awake, my soul! No longer droop in sin. 
Rejoice, my heart! And let me praise again. 
The Lord my God, who is my rock and stay 
To keep me strict upon his straight, plain way. 
O let me shake at the first sight of sin 
And thus escape my foes without and in

The slightly being close to deported missionary,
(That was a joke mom, don't stress, haha)

Elder DeMille!

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