Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, June 1, 2014


This week has been totally unreal. Elder Higham and I have been working our little missionary butts to the bone and have really seen some incredible things. I don't have a ton to write to you this week, other than a few events that have happened along the way! 
First, we had the temple this week, and that was incredible in and of itself! I received wonderful inspiration there on a few things I had been earnestly seeking for, and couldn't have been happier. ..Then, just yesterday, was probably the biggest day of the week. ..Scratch that actually, it WAS the biggest day of the week. And honestly, I couldn't really tell you why! But, bright and early, on our way to church we watched a man who was heavily intoxicated on the street pretty much pass out while hitting his head and stumbling into a sign on the street. ..We rushed over as he was bleeding from his forehead, knee, arm and leg, and I took my handy-dandy handkerchief that Uncle Rod gave to me before I left. I stopped the man's bleeding on his forehead (which was pretty bad) and helped him up off the ground. All he said to us was "thank you" over and over again, and I was happy that we could be there to help him out. I let him keep the blood-soaked handkerchief, and hoped he would be alright as we made our way to church.
There, we had not one, but TWO investigators come to church! That hardly EVER happens, we were SO stoked!! KDN came, and another man named KHS. We enjoyed church, and taught KDN after church with a member, (one of my favorite guys on the planet) PGS. He's incredible! We taught KDN the word of wisdom, and found out he smokes 20 cigarettes a day! ..Yikes. He also loves to drink, and all sorts of things, but as we explained it, his first question was, "So, what happens if I do these things again after baptism?" ..haha. It was a great question, but also really made us realize that he is truly preparing for baptism. Sooo cool. PGS was wonderful to have there. He smoked and drank in his day too, and was only converted about 5 years ago. He told KDN how to stop, why it's bad for you, and testified so strongly. We're going to be working together to get past this, and I couldn't be more excited about it! ...Sheesh, I really don't have a lot of time.. yikes!
Anyway, that whole thing was awesome, and later than night a ward member invited us over for dinner .....and it was like.... ......wow.

They killed/fried two whole live octopi in front of us, and we ate tons of shells/clams/seafood too. Raw fish, all this crazy stuff, and some really delicious normal meat, haha. It was terrifying, and Elder Higham and I were trying hard to just not look at the things we were eating. It was intense!
I wish I could say more but, well, all I really need to say is that Korea is an adventure, and I know this church is true! I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week!

Elder DeMille

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