Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Year Ago Today ... the Call Came

One year ago today was the most exciting day our family has ever had! It was the day Elder DeMille received his mission call. We had several family members in town for his high school graduation on June 6th, but the mission calls was so much more important. It was going to be life changing. It was something he aimed for his whole life and he was truly excited to see where the Lord needed him.
We  chased down our sweet mailman a couple hours before he would get to our house just to get our hands on that precious white envelope. Then that lovely piece of mail had its own photo shoot with everyone before it came to rest in a place of honor on our mantle. We invited everyone to come over at 8:30pm that night for the big event. Finally, the time had arrived!
I can't fully explain how amazing all of this was. My mother is from Seoul, Korea. She came to the States in 1972 before I was born. She has only been back to visit once. This cute little ball of fire was the first one to run up and hug him. What an awesome way for her grandson to learn about his heritage. What a huge opportunity to try and find relatives we have long since lost touch with. Elder DeMille would have been happy to serve anywhere in the world ... but this was truly a tender mercy. We love our missionary!!!

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