Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, June 22, 2014


It's been.. One week since you heard from me,
Still got the 3 scars on both my knees - it's been
Only an hour since my last study - almost went through my entire library
2 hours since a meltdown or two, sometimes you do just what you ought not to do..
Yesterday, you started waitin' for me, and now I'll sit back, relax, and type up my story..

Ha! Barenaked Ladies reference for you fans out there. ..Although, it probably doesn't sound quite right.. and, I really didn't have a meltdown. ..At least, not 2 hours ago, haha. This week was filled with adventure! But, I've spent some quality time with those I love this week so, I'll keep this one short. First, highlights of the week! ..ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?! -beh neh neh neh-na-neh-na-neh neh neh neh neh!
Monday. I decided I wanted to start wearing glass on my face all the time. Good idea? ..Yes. Why? ..Clarity. ..I can see clearly now.. the blur is gone.. ..hahaha. My vision has really been bothering me lately so I got my eyes checked out and got hooked up with a sweet pair of optics for 50 bones. Test, frames, lenses, and all. What a steal! If you or your kid need/requires glasses and/or contacts, fear not. They're super cheap here. It's like 3$ for a box of contacts, and 1$ for a 500mL bottle of Salene. Anyway, aside from that, I referred my relatives info I got from my grandmother before leaving to my President, and am waiting to hear back. I hope the work gets goin'!
Tuesday was spent with my brother Elder Munk, and we got invited into this lady's home who we though was a less-active, but in reality has never heard of our church and holds her own worship service in her house! She has this giant wooden podium, and GIANT wooden cross on her wall -...Terrifying. ..She wanted to buy our BOM though, and fed us so much Watermelon I thought I was going to grow a plant inside of me, so. .. it all worked out.  

Wednesday was nuts. I went from splits to district meeting to trying to help Elder Ellsworth whose small intestine and appendix were rubbing together, causing some pretty bad pain, to setting up a finding activity with everyone in our Zone in our Area, to having interviews with the President in the space of like 5 hours, and without going home. ..Pretty wild. We visited a less active right after, and all went well. That night, we even got a call at 9:20pm-ish to help a different Less active carry maybe 50 or so boxes down 2 or 3 flights of stairs. ..By the time we got home and passed out, we decided that this must be what American missionaries feel like. ...needed. Haha.
Thursday we spent the night with two of my favorite people; J (11) and S (9). We teach them English, and teach their parents and them both our lessons afterwards. We often play "Ward Fish" - a hilarious version of Go Fish that my mom sent me (Have any Sunbeams?)  that the kids love. This night, the kids kept stealing my glasses, and J showed us his sweet cup-stacking skills. S drew my face on a balloon, and they kicked it around all night, dying at the idea that they were kicking my head around the room. ..haha, silly kids. They rule.
Friday I received a blessing from President in hopes to help me sleep better, and it was greatly needed and appreciated. ..He is seriously the man. Sister Morrise thinks I may suffer from anxiety but, I'd rather not think about it. ..it might make me anxious ;P Haha. 

Saturday we met up with our newest investigator, T. He's handicapped, and in a sweet electronic wheelchair - He's the man. His English is incredible, and he's always super happy! He's been through a lot, and is really needing some friends, so we're hoping to help him feel a little more loved. He's even got some sweet piano skills, only playing with one hand and a thumb! Such a blessed young man! I hope we see him more!
And well, Sunday was the uze. (abbreev for usual?) but hey, that's a week in the life of Elder DeMille! I wish I had words of wisdom for you this week but, well.. sometimes you've got to figure things out for yourself ;) Always know that the Lord loves you, and cares so much about you! Congratulations to Maddy Hayes for her incredible mission call as well! And Farewell Zach Stone, and hello Amy Williams! ..Also, congrats to Sarah Cameron as well! Man, things are changing! 

Love you all!

Elder DeMille

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