Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Radically Miraculous!‏

So.. it's hot here. ..Like. ..REALLY hot. You have this constant layer of moisture on you all the time that you thought could never possibly exist. ..It's pretty nuts. And, the best part is that it's supposed to be rainy-season now, and since it's only rained two or three times, all the Koreans we talk to are telling us it's gonna be even more ridiculously hot come mid-July and August. ..Challenge accepted. ..haha they tell us all these horror stories of summer, and how the humidity and heat is so bad that you can't sleep even with 3 fans and air conditioning. ..Then, we get to see the funniest, most terrified and concerned look on their face when we tell them we have no air conditioning. Hahaha. But hey, we'll survive. It's not so bad compared to the lake of fire and brimstone, I'm sure.
Last week was super rad, and went by SO fast! We played basketball, and tossed some disc (aka played frisbee) at Dapdong on P-day, and had our usual adventures throughout the week. But, THIS week, we had the raddest MIRACLE!!
Right after our extra long District meeting on Wednesday, my fearless senior companion, Elder Higham and I stepped out into the blazing heat, with the thick, heavy, somehow water-filled air weighing down our thin, fatigued, malnourished missionary bodies. We boldly attacked people on the street who spoke in different languages, and even used fierce weapons such as "I'm busy", "the silent treatment", and - too common among old Koreans - "I already know everything." ..Discouraged, but never admitting defeat, we battled our way down the streets near our church. ..Then, when all hope seemed lost, amidst oncoming traffic a car swerved off to the side of the road. Two honks sounded, the door opened, hazards flashed as if in sync with our weary, beating hearts, and we heard something. ..Something we recognized all too well.. ...English!
"Hello! Hello! Excuse me!"  - This lady, halfway out of her car was yelling at us from down the road! We rushed over, and the first thing she said was, "Yes, Hello! I want to go to your church!" ..Folks, this DOES NOT happen in Korea. 

..We looked at each other and pointed to our name tags, trying to clarify for her by asking.. .."Uh.. THIS church?" She said, "YES!" So, we got her number, she introduced her small family, and drove off! It was so strange! But.. we were SO PUMPED! We walked down the road, laughing and joking with each other about how crazy that was, when Elder Higham exclaimed, "Alright! I'm ready for the next one!" We both laughed, and not TWO seconds later, we heard crazy fast footsteps behind us. We turned around, to see the SAME lady! 

She said, out of breath, "Hi!! Do you remember me??" We both said, "Uh.. yes!" Thinking, how could we NOT??! And she said, "I have something for you!" She pulled out of nowhere two ears of corn ( a common Korean street snack), and boy did we partake! Before we had a chance though, she said goodbye and ran away! How crazy! I turned to Elder Higham and started shouting, "Say it again! Say it again!" Haha! I wanted more miracles that day, but, I guess 2 were good enough for us! Haha.
Anyway, we thought it was rad. Other than that, I did a lot of studying this week, and even put together a family tree of my Korean ancestors. Super cool. ..I have a TON of people in Korea I'm related to and don't even know! None of them know I exist either - what a surprise it will be when I meet them! Haha! Also, this week marked the 4th year after receiving my Patriarchal blessing. Cool, huh? Anyway. I love you all, and miss you like crazy! For those wondering, the language is getting much easier, I eat Korean food like a champ, I had duck for the first time this week (delish) and the weather is beautiful and miserable. We love it out here! Keep killin' it wherever you are! Have a great week!!

All the love,

Elder DeMille

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