Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rice. The Breakfast of Champions.‏

So, I've got to be honest- 

..Winning a Korean soccer tournament, you'd think you'd get some applause, maybe a hug from a sweet old Korean man, or like, a token of respect from an ancient Korean Tae Kwon Doe master.. ...Maybe? ..haha, but no.
..We got a world cup soccer ball. 
                                                         ......and some rice.
..Like a big bag of rice.
..And this rice isn't just rice.
..It's glorified, rare, delicious rice.
So when all was said and done, naturally Sunday came and went, and our dear 1st Counselor put both glorious items on the pulpit and explained to our Ward how we conquered the rest of the Stake in the Soccer tournament.
..Did I mention we did that? Hahaha because we did- and man, it was awesome!

..This week, I don't have much to say, and have a younger sister and step-father to wish a Happy Birthday too, but I do love you all tons. 

So, to sum up this week,
We destroyed a stake wide soccer tournament, met Daniel and found out he decided to stop smoking, met with our other investigator Mickey, and heard his testimony of how he already knows our church is true, and took my little son, Elder Ellsworth to his 4-week follow up in Songpa. Everything is going super well! We're working hard this week, and looking for more success! I love you all, have the greatest week!
And to my little sister, and step-dad, 
You two are incredible.

Love you all!!

Elder DeMille

P.S. One thing Elder DeMille didn't mention was that the beautiful footage of young Korean girls in traditional Korean dress singing "I Love to See the Temple" as a part of the General Women's Meeting, was filmed in his ward building. They even go to to help set up for the filming. Super cool!

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