Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Missionary's Prayer

Well, I honestly have had NO time this week to prepare anything for you all, haha. However! I do welcome home my brothers with tons of love and the best wishes for their future. Valiant missions make valiant people, am I right?

This week at Zone Conference I had the unique opportunity to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon and was surprised at how powerfully the words came out of my mouth. I've learned that more than just having a testimony, part of me has truly become converted to the things I am spending such a large part of my life trying to encourage others to take part in.
I've learned that a testimony is to feel and to know. 
Conversion is to do and become.

This week, sadly to say, my nightmares have come back. Why it is, I'm not sure yet -- but 4 out of 7 nights this week were pretty hard for me to make it through. I've had night -terrors since I was reeeally little, and though they're not nearly as severe as they have been, the fact that they're here once again is a little unnerving. However, just like the Book of Mormon being among the things I've been converted unto -- prayer has also (and will always) play a crucial role in my life. As a kid, when I was scared, couldn't sleep, or crying from the results of a bad dream or terror, my mom would come into my room and play this song on my tape-player as she would lie with me until I fell asleep. To this day, I sing this song when I'm afraid.
Heavenly Father, are you really there?
And do you hear and answer ev'ry child's prayer?
Some say that heaven is far away,
But I feel it close around me as I pray.
Heavenly Father, I remember now
Something that Jesus told disciples long ago:
"Suffer the children to come to me."
Father, in prayer I'm coming now to thee.

Pray, he is there;
Speak, he is list'ning.
You are his child;
His love now surrounds you.
He hears your prayer;
He loves the children.
Of such is the kingdom, the kingdom of heav'n.
Never forget that your Heavenly Father is there.
He loves you.

Pray, He is there. Speak, He is listening. 
YOU are His child. His love, now surrounds you.

Have an incredible week, and never forget the experiences that make you, YOU!

All the love,

Elder DeMille

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