Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's the BOM

What's your favorite Book of Mormon Story? ..Or scripture, even?

Mine is the story of the Army of Helaman. But, not because they were basically invincible (though, granted, that is pretty sweet), more because of what it says in Alma 56:47-48, and Alma 57:21. (That's right, I'm sending you on a mad scripture chase! Find ‘em!)

I love that what brings the young men of the Army of Helaman strength is their mothers. They don't fear death -- they're more worried about their liberty of their fathers over anything else, and they don't doubt. ..Why? ..Because their mothers knew it. They learned from their mothers and had complete trust in them.

I love that. I love my mother, and feel like most of the time, almost all of my strength comes from her. I don't doubt I can make it through any rough time, any trial, any battle. Why? Because my mother taught me that I can, and she showed me through example that she's done it herself! I don't doubt.. because my mother knows it!
Talking with people every day about the Book of Mormon is such a cool adventure. Even today, on the way to this PC Cafe we had a man stop us and ask us to explain the Book of Mormon. He said, "If I had to describe the Bible in one word, I'd say it was.. 'Love'. Yes, 'love'. ..So, you! Try to explain the Book of Mormon in one word. What is it to you?”

Haha that's a pretty difficult question, I'd say! But, after a second or two I came up with a simple answer. I said, "Hmm.. If I had to explain the Book of Mormon in one word, it'd be ‘food'!"

He got quite a laugh, which gave me a little bit to explain. I told him that because I tried it, and it was so delicious I wanted to share it with other people-- and that, well, the more I eat, the happier I am! It's delicious! Plus, without it, how could I possibly live!
He accepted that answer solidly, and asked for our information, and to know where our church was. ..Power of the Book of Mormon, ladies and gentlemen.
So, if you had to think about it, what would the Book of Mormon be to you? In just one word? Love? Food? ..Friend? Guide? Help? 

The more I thought about this, the more I kept coming back to an example I shared this past week at District Meeting. I love to think of the Book of Mormon as our "Armor". Related to the Army of Helaman, these men were YOUNG! And a little bit scared, at least, I'm sure! But, what they knew is that they had the "Armor" to protect them. In their case, maybe it was faith. Or maybe just the simple knowledge that 'their mothers knew it'! But, the bottom line is that today, we have our own "Armor", and it's the Book of Mormon.

Using the Book of Mormon righteously and effectively can lead us into the battle against Satan with valor and courage. However, we often forget we even have it with us. How would you feel marching into battle.. thinking you didn't have anything to protect you??
(to be honest I'd probably avoid marching to battle altogether with no armor on..)

In the movie, The Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man get into a heated argument about the same thing. At the peak of the conflict, Cap shouts at Iron Man, "Take off the suit, and what are you?!" .. Iron Man then replies wittingly with something I'm sure we're all familiar with. ..But, do any of the things that Iron Man mentions there really matter? So what if he's rich? Is that going to save him when he marches into battle against aliens who don't really care about money..? ...Probably not.
So, let's put it in the same perspective. Take away the Book of Mormon, and what are we? Joseph Smith similarly stated, "Take away the Book of Mormon and the revelations and where is our religion? ..We have none."

The Book of Mormon is our armor, and though we may forget we have it sometimes, or that we're still wearing it on occasion, it can do us so much good if we'll just look down and remember why we're living the way we are. If you're cowering in the corner, odds are you've forgotten about the Book of Mormon. If you're in the heat of the battle and find yourself dodging blows and running around rather than trying to help those in need, odds are you've lost sight of the magnitude of the armor you have on. Keep the Book of Mormon in your heart and in your mind, and remember that you can fight valiantly in this battle against the adversary.
The Book of Mormon is a book with a promise, a purpose, a plan, a testimony, and a witness. I promise that and testify of its ability to strengthen and protect us in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

All the love,

Elder DeMille!

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