Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Greatest Ward. The Greatest Week.

Hey everyone! 

I wanted to take this week and just thank you all sincerely for the birthday wishes and gifts this past week. You've all been such amazing examples in my life -- and I can't wait to see where you've all been, and what you've all become after the short time I have left. The mission has been such an incredible opportunity to see what people can really become -- with a full purpose of heart and mind.
This week I was also able to attend my first Korean wedding (which is absolutely INSANE; they take at least 5,000 pictures.. I swear!), listen to the AP's (just Elder Higham and 문호빈, but it sounds cooler that way, haha) sing me Happy Birthday, got a call from President, and a billion birthday wishes from Ward members, plus a surprise cake from them at our English class that night -- followed by a dinner provided by my "grandpa", Mr. Lo. So HOT. So SPICY. SO MUCH SWEAT.
...SO DELICIOUS. Then, I got to go pickup ANOTHER cake, ordered from one of my best friends, Sean! So unreal.
Then.. man.. I don't know. This week was just amazing. We got to feel so much love from our ward members, especially this Sunday after we had gotten our transfer calls. We (Elder Doyle and I) were bearing our testimonies about how much we love the ward, and how we've really gotten so much better at working together, and-- of course, how we'd really rather not leave.. --when right afterwards a member got up and bore their testimony. It was so rad. The member got up and said: "Now, you keep saying that this ward is the best, and that you love it so much here and don't want to go.. but, I speak for all of the ward members when I say that YOU FOUR missionaries are the best team we've ever had. We love you, and are so thankful for your bright smiles, warm hearts, and love for each and every one of us. You may not want to leave -- but we don't want to send you. However, you're both right. This is missionary work, and we hope that you can see even more miracles in your next area. Work hard!"Man, THAT was a cool experience. So happy to know that we could leave something here in Geumcheon. And now, I'm on to 강동 to (most likely) finish out my time their! Elder Murdock will be my new comp (we lived together in Geumcheon), and I'll be living with Elder Helms again! Haha. So excited.
I wish I could really express how much I've loved my time here. These people are unforgettable.

So blessed to have yet another family in Korea.

Speaking of which, special shout-out to my wonderful Grandma Kim, who's coming here in just under a month! Thank you for all of your love, 할머니!! I can't wait to see you again! 

Take the time to do your best to bless the lives around you! 

All the love,

Elder DeMille!

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