Elder True DeMille

Elder True DeMille

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hallowherever You Want! I Choose Korea!

This week.. what to say about this week..

Well, folks. Let's get the obvious part out there -- I'm almost done. Which is craaaazy. And, I've realized also makes time move a lot slower. So, for those of you who are dreading the end of your mission -- have hope! Haha this week went by longer than probably any other week in the history of my mission. It was awesome!
Before our beloved ones left Gangdong, we all got together at the Han River and played some silly games -- soccer with our hands, frisbee, and whatnot, and had a blast. To finish it off we got some bubble tea, and met up with a member the next night for a giant dinner appointment at a restaurant called "In The Kitchen". ...Soo.. delicious..
After transfers at Yeongdeungpo we spent a solid 3-4 days straight preparing for our small little Halloween party where I got to paint faces and help lead the whole thing out. Not to mention I got to make some funny ghosts, decorations, and devil wings. Haha it took some different creativity! We didn't have too many people show, but those who did were super fun, and great participants. It's pretty weird to be the oldest missionary in the mission.. haha. Makes you think a lot about your capabilities.. let me tell ya.
However! The Sisters also had the privilege of seeing one of our Recent Convert's wife baptized this sunday!! Too awesome. It was a hilarious experience, but I don't think I could talk about it here. It'll have to wait to be told in person, hahaha.
On the flip side, things here are great. Of course, it's the daily grind and a little extra every now and then, but things are still moving forward! We love the work, I love my new Korean companion, and Elder Helms is having a blast training Elder Santana. The funniest part is that Elder Santana looks more Korean than Elder Kim does!! Haha!
The ward members get them mixed up all the time~~ It kills me. But hey, if there's anything I learned this week it's simply: Be happy.

If you can do this you can rule the universe. I'm convinced.
Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude. But nothing on Earth can help the man with the wrong one.

Get your head in the game!! Love you all!
Enjoy the pics!
Elder DeMille!

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